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Fullbright Arctic Initiative 2015-16
Monument to an Iceberg: Frozen in Time

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Iceberg imaged by camera mounted on autonomous sea craft by Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada
Translated into wireframe data
  3D print from above and below, printed at SUNY New Paltz

Face Forward

I am very excited to be working with Ralf Bachmayer of Memorial University and his team on their forward-thinking work imaging icebergs above and below.Zhi Li, a PhD student at Memorial University, and his colleagues from the Autonomous Oceans Systems Laboratory (AOSL) in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, are working to improve the technologies used to detect, measure and communicate data about icebergs. Under the guidance of AOSL Director Dr. Ralf Bachmayer, in collaboration with principal investigator Dr. Brad de Young in the Faculty of Science and supported by funding from multiple sources, AOSL has produced a number of innovations. Zhi’s research focuses on the control and navigation of the autonomous surface vehicle called the SeaCat. He designs, implements and tests the system used to safely operate the unmanned SeaCat around icebergs in harsh ocean environments. This technology enables operators to get closer to the ice for full inspection while maintaining their safety.

Read the full story here: www.mun.ca/faceforward