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Void Orb

2013 AS | AP group show, 111 Front Street Gallery, DUMBO, NY curated by Jill Conner
Documentation of video installation with a sculptural component that takes “slices” of the changing weather over the Tablelands in Newfoundland in the form of scratched photo prints mounted on blue plexiglass. The video is projected onto the same Tablelands mountain scene intercut with orb-like forms — egg, breathing belly in bath, full moon-rise. The piece functions as a form of photographic and meteorological alchemy; in a few minutes the idea of someone being there and then not there becomes bearable. Music: excerpts from Žibuokl? Martinaityt?'s "Completely Embraced By The Beauty Of Emptiness," used with permission.
Initiated on a Fulbright Fellowship to Canada in the Gros Morne National Park residency. In memory of my mother "Winky" Helen Bull Neuhaus..




Void Orb Installation Views

void orb install6
void orb install
void orb install3
void orb install4
void orb install5
void orb install2