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Two channel video installation exhibited in its taller state in Albany’s Esther Massry Gallery in 2013 and at Dorsky Curatorial Projects in New York City called Thaw curated by Jill Conner in a squatter configuration. For the Dorsky show, I added a kind of foam puppet stage that represented the monitor being sandwiched by two icebergs. The video includes footage shot off the coast of Labrador while on a Canadian Fulbright. And footage that I shot on Lake Champlain of female relatives usig a net to surround the place where my mother's ashes were scattered the summer before.

Bergettes: Nikki, Kristina, Barbara and Chava Neuhaus Jennifer Flower, Susan Warner and Sandra Fannan.

Music is used by permission excerpted from Completely Embraced By The Beauty Of Emptiness by Ziboukle Martinaityte.



Understory Installation Views

understory 3  
understory installation
Esther Massry Gallery
College of St. Rose, Albany
12' x 8' x 12'
Interior View with two videos
Esther Massry Gallery
Long Island City Dorsky
Curatorial Projects
8' x 8' x 8'