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In-Touch: A Hand Washer's Prayer

Video from the lock-down


1. One Hand Washes the Other
A solitary hand-washing romance.

2. Waterfall Wash
Soap as salvation. A sister-from-another-planet emerges from a culvert to retrieve the seeming last bar of soap from a waterfall, only to lose it in ecstasies of washing.

3. Hands-on Underfoot (Solo)
To be projected onto floor like a doormat. Viewer walks over a video projection that depicts a set of hands. The hands support, molest, tickle, plead, applaud. Hand becomes like a trampoline that the viewer walks on, expanding the underground space downward to an inexplicable sky underfoot.

4. Below the Belt (Couple)
To be projected onto floor like a doormat. Two sets of hands urge the viewer along, cajole. They each want your attention. They ignore you and flirt. They fight. They make up. They try unsuccessfully to connect midair.

5. Arc de Gloved Hands
an arched grid of thin steel rods (concrete reinforcing mesh) supports all variety of gloves for work and fashion , filled with wire, wet plaster, sand, cornstarch









    Arc de Gloved Hands